About us

Circa Systems is your expert partner for software design and development projects. We bring a partnership approach to delivering lasting solutions for our clients.

Our story

Our company originally launched as EventGeek in 2016.

EventGeek helped Marketers keep track of all of their events, even if they were just tracking the event for industry intelligence. After the pandemic shut down in-person events worldwide in 2020, we rebuilt and relaunched as Circa in 2021. Here's the story in TechCrunch.

Circa went the next step for event and field marketers, allowing them to engage attendees with virtual or in-person events, and sync key data to and from CRM platforms, like Salesforce, and videoconferencing tools, like Zoom. A few months after launch, Forrester called Circa "a sleek platform for data-driven field and marketings teams."

Along the way, we did a bunch of custom projects for enterprise clients. For example, we built a "mini" Circa for an enterprise that needed a simple and multi-level process for a partnership request form. Another time, we built a reporting dashboard that users could customize with custom fields and filters, then share with easy, "one click" SSO access. You can read more about our client projects over at our Case Studies.

With all of the projects that we undertook, Circa gave the project owners a huge head start. Our expertise and modular platform let us advance rapidly through the design and development phases, lowering the cost, time, and risk of the project. We were able to deliver the project successfully, a huge win for client and team.

We're excited to officially introduce Circa Systems, the professional services arm of Circa. We offer a Mens et Manus or Mind and Hand approach, with a deep expertise in building high-performance, scalable business applications, especially for marketing. That is our living legacy from Circa and EventGeek.

The core values that drive all of our work

Security first

We protect user and client security and data privacy with industry-leading best practices

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Outcome based

We exclusively undertake client projects where we can deliver at least 10x value

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Pride of ownership

We take pride in our work and everyone on our team has an equity stake

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Build to last

We deliver long-term success by building systems that stand the test of time

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Agile velocity

We run an agile process with a continuous feedback loop to ensure client alignment

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Growth mindset

We approach every day as an opportunity to learn and grow our skills

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